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Ruesch Century Farm - Our Story

Ruesch Century Farm is one of over 10,000 farms in Wisconsin that is recognized as being one with 100 years of continuous operation. 

Our farm is now in its fourth generation, and was purchased in 1879 by Leo and Kathrina Ruesch, which means the farm has been in our family for over 140 years. For many years, the farm was used as a small dairy operation. Since the 1920's, maple syrup has been processed each spring in the sugar bush on the ridge behind the homestead. Huge hard maples still stand on a beautiful ridge that is a beautiful sight to behold during the cranberry harvest.

We built the first cranberry bog in the early 1990's and have added 3 beds since then. We dry harvest the berries to help them stay fresh, longer. The entire farm has been entered into the organic program with MOSA.

We appreciate working with wholesale, CSA, and retail customers to bring our organic cranberries from our small farm to families across the Midwest. You can also find information about purchasing berries directly right here on our web site under the "Buy Berries" tab that we open up once a year - usually from the end of September until the end of October, or whenever we start running low on berries.

Please stay in touch, and thank you for your interest in Ruesch Century Farm!

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