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From our kitchen to yours!

Have you checked out the cookbook section of our website yet? These are time-tested cranberry recipes your family will love this fall!

I recently found an old recipe card for mom's cranberry slush, and now I *have* to make it. I'm planning to make the recipe without vodka so that I can freeze and keep the slush longer. (You can always add vodka back in when serving!)

Cranberry Slush

1 small package of cherry jello

1 c. boiling water

Mix these two ingredients, dissolve, and add last

3 c. cold water

12-oz can - frozen lemonade

12-oz can - orange juice

2 c. cranberry juice

2 c. vodka (optional - freezes better without)

Mix in order, add jello mixture, freeze. Serve with 7 up or sprite.

Serve with whole cranberries floating on top!

Pro tip: Cranberries also look beautiful floating in bubbly beverages, and may float up and down while in the glass! Give it a try - it looks like a lava lamp!

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