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Our Organic Cranberries Featured in the Star Tribune

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

We love hearing stories of folks across the Midwest enjoying our family's crisp, fresh, organic cranberries as much as we do. If you follow our posts, you already know that we use a dry harvest method that helps preserve the freshness and flavor of our berries. You'll find our organic cranberries to be sweeter and less tannic than other versions. Ruesch Century Farm organic cranberries were recently spotlighted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune along with a delicious cranberry pork chop recipe. Here's what Beth Dooley had to say in the Star Tribune:

"Unlike the enormous cranberry growers, the Ruesch Century Farm, a fourth-generation certified organic operation in central Wisconsin, uses the "dry method" to rake the ripe berries directly off their vines from the fields. It's a gentler process that keeps the berries from absorbing water, swelling and then shrinking or becoming too soft while in storage. "Drying and then cooling the berries right as they're harvested ensures a longer shelf life," owner Brian Ruesch has said."

Read more in the Star Tribune, and see the delicious recipe for Pork Chops with Cranberries here:

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